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7 Secrets to Fitness without Soreness

Many people are tempted to jump full-force into a new fitness routine with a ΓÇ£no pain, no gainΓÇ¥ attitude. But soreness isnΓÇÖt necessary to improve your mobility and overall fitness. And if youΓÇÖre too sore to even feel like moving the next day, chances

5 Ways to Make 2016 a Great Year

Forget New Year’s resolutions. If the activities you resolve to do aren’t fun, chances are you’ll give them up. Fortunately, there are some great activities you may want to try (or try again) that are fun and good for you. Getting up and staying

How to Regain Your Balance in a Day

Losing your balance can be extremely frustrating and make living a normal life challenging. Simple activities like going to the grocery store or seeing your friends are needlessly difficult. It can undermine your independent lifestyle as well as cause considerable stress and anxiety. Fortunately,