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Monthly Archive:: March 2015

The Most Common Ankle Injuries
and How to Avoid Them

Regardless of age or activity level, an ankle injury can be disastrous to your lifestyle. Both frustrating and painful, all care should be taken to avoid them altogether when possible. For this reason, weΓÇÖve detailed in the following article the most common injuries, and methods of avoiding them. Sprains Sprains indicate damage to the ligaments

What Every Baby Boomer Needs to Know

The first wave of the Baby Boomer generation turned 65 in 2011. This is relevant because nearly 70 percent of seniors aged 65 and older struggle with a chronic disease like arthritis or heart disease. Aging and the onset of chronic disease can certainly make it harder to get around and be as active as

Why Aging is Truly just a Number

Even with a walking cane, you know age is just a number. You know age does not describe how you feel or even the truth about your appearance. You know all this because you are wise at heart and become wiser with each birthday. In fact, deep within you, there is still a child that