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Monthly Archive:: August 2015

5 Reasons Why A Folding Cane Works

There are loads of mobility aids these days, from walkers to canes or even a mobility chair. So where do folding canes fit in the mix? In what way can a folding cane offer you superior solutions to your mobility needs? Everyone’s needs are different, but here are a few remarkable things that folding canes

Feeling Trapped at Home? 5 Ways Mobility Aids Can Restore Your Freedom

Whatever the reason for the reduced mobility you may experience, whether it be injury or the advancement of age, you should not have to expect a lifetime of confinement or immobility. There is a wide variety of mobility aids available on the market these days to assist you with moving about or simple tasks like

How to Move More and Enjoy Life without Waking Up Sore

Mobility is one of the most important routes to independence in life. Simply being able to move about and to take care of your basic needs lends a tremendous feeling of self-sufficiency. Here are a few suggestions for how move more and enjoy life with fewer aches and less pain. Always Keep Pillows Handy Sofas