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3 Easy Steps for Fall Protection

Throughout the course of your life, you’ve likely fallen a time or two. However, these numbers tend to increase as you get older. In fact, according to the CDC, one out of every three adults age 65 and older falls every year. These falls are the leading cause of injury. Fortunately, there are many ways that you can protect yourself from a fall.

1. Improve Your Balance

It’s common for people to become less active as they age, but this can make you more prone to falling. Lack of activity can cause loss of coordination, balance and flexibility. However, this can be improved by making exercise part of your daily routine. Exercises such as walking, yoga and water aerobics can greatly increase your strength and balance. By staying physically fit, you will decrease your chances of falling. It can also lessen the severity of the injury in case a fall does occur.

2. Remove Clutter

According to Learn Not to Fall, 55% of falls occur inside the home due to environmental factors. Clutter and misplaced items laying on the floor, entryways and stairs can cause you to trip and fall, which can result in serious injury. Falls can also occur because of dimly lit rooms and slippery surfaces around your home. To prevent this, be sure to keep your house well-lit and clutter-free. Cover all slippery surfaces with area rugs or non-slip mats. If necessary, rearrange furniture to provide better accessibility throughout your home.

3. Monitor Medication Side Effects

Medications can be vital to your healthcare, but unfortunately many of them come with undesirable side effects. Most common among these are dizziness and drowsiness, both of which drastically increase your chances of falling. Therefore, if you are experiencing either of those side effects or any others that cause concern, notify your physician. There may be alternative medications available that will meet your healthcare needs but without all of the adverse side effects. If alternate medications are unavailable, then a HurryCane® may be just what you need. With a durable and sturdy HurryCane® by your side, you will have confidence with every step.

With these three easy steps, you can help prevent a fall and better protect yourself if a fall does occur.

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