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3 Mobility Challenges You Can Tackle Tonight

Mobility is an important facet to healthy aging. In fact, mobility challenges can pose a serious danger when ignored. The World Health Organization states that one-third of seniors who are over the age of 65 fall at least once a year. Your comfort and your safety rely on your ability to get around without challenges.

If you are experiencing mobility issues, you’re probably doing what you can to make getting around easier. While not every solution can be achieved in the short-term, there are three things that you can do tonight to tackle your mobility challenges.

1. Start moving.

Physical movement, no matter what it is, improves mobility and helps us feel connected. Even beginning a low-impact, sitting-based routine will put you on the right track. After checking with your doctor, enroll in a fitness class or check out some of the many fitness videos available today. Ease in slowly but donΓÇÖt be afraid to start!

2. Remove physical barriers.

Is your home set up in a way that allows you to move freely? The National Institutes of Health cite environmental factors as one key reason for mobility decline. Have a friend, family member or neighbor help you configure your living areas in a way that’s easy to get around. Focus on creating straight paths that allow you to move easily between point A and point B.

DonΓÇÖt forget about outdoor areas. Uneven ground and hard-to-see decorative items can easily cause mobility issues.

3. Choose the right equipment.

Having access to appropriate equipment can really help you get around. Great-quality equipment that’s designed for increased mobility can make a big difference when it comes to getting to where you need to go. The HurryCane’s® pivoting base and comfort fit handle make it a great choice for increasing your support and providing stability. Pick one up today to get our best deal ever.

Increasing your mobility is a gradual process, but it is well worth the effort. Putting your mind to it is the first step to better health and greater mobility.

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