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3 signs your dad needs a cane.

Walking canes can be a great benefit to older adults who are starting to lose strength and balance, but sometimes, especially when dealing with a father, getting your parent to admit to the need for a cane is challenging. Here are some signs to watch for that may indicate it’s time to start the conversation about walking canes.

1. Instability While Walking

If you have noticed your father seeming unstable while walking, then it’s time to consider getting a cane. Instability is a serious problem because of the risk of falling. According to the National Council on Aging, falls are the leading cause of fatal injury among older adults. Watch for signs of instability and use them as an opportunity to discuss walking canes. A cane can provide the little bit of stability he needs to walk safely, without too much hindrance on freedom and virtually no impact on quality of life.

2. Injury to the Back or Legs

As people age, the likelihood of injury becomes greater. Bone density problems, balance issues that lead to falling, and the aging of other tissues in the body make injury to extremities and the back more common. The Mayo Clinic indicates that using a cane can improve balance and stability after injury. If you know that your father has had an injury, then start the conversation about adding a cane to improve the recovery period and prevent future injuries.

3. Increased Joint Pain

Joint pain tends to increase as we age. When the weight-bearing joints, like the hips, knees and feet, start to ache, a cane can provide some relief. In fact, many seniors notice a reduction in pain and increased independence after adding a cane to their life, because of the improvement in their joint pain. If you notice your father avoiding long walks or rubbing aching joints at the end of the day, a cane may help.

Many seniors are not open to discussing walking canes at first, but if you notice these signs in your dad, it’s time to look for a way to open the conversation.

If your dad has trouble with the idea of being seen with a walking cane, The HurryCane┬« Freedom EditionΓäó is the cane we recommend. It folds up to get out of his way when he doesn’t need it, and when he does need it, it’s out in seconds. The base has three discreet points of contact to give him better stability without drawing too much attention to itself.

If he feels that walking canes are a sign of losing independence, remind him that the aid will actually help him maintain his mobility and independence. With the help of the right cane, he can enjoy a full, independent life with less risk of pain, falling and injury. The HurryCane┬« is America’s #1 selling cane because people are proud to walk with one.

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