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5 Reasons Why A Folding Cane Works

There are loads of mobility aids these days, from walkers to canes or even a mobility chair. So where do folding canes fit in the mix? In what way can a folding cane offer you superior solutions to your mobility needs? Everyone’s needs are different, but here are a few remarkable things that folding canes can offer:

Superior Use For Travel And Everyday Needs

Folding canes are exceptionally easy to remain active and mobile with, offering the user the option of folding up the cane to get it out of the way when unneeded. This ensures your walking aid is never a nuisance and is always readily available when you need it most. The HurryCane┬« Freedom EditionΓäó folds down to one-third the normal size, and when you need it, it’s out in seconds.


Generally, folding canes are lightweight and easy to handle, but donΓÇÖt let the ease of use fool you. A well-made folding cane is built to last, with durability in mind. They are intended for everyday use and hold up to wear and tear extremely well.

This is not to say all folding canes offer perfect performance. Buyers should always be cautious when choosing a cane and should only make purchases from trustworthy cane suppliers (weΓÇÖve discussed this point in the past in this article: The Shocking Truth About Folding Canes). The HurryCane┬« is the #1 selling cane in America largely because it’s so well built.


Many individuals looking to find better support when walking are plagued with a never-ending list of high-cost solutions. A folding cane can get around that issue, offering a reasonable option for those looking to improve mobility. This is also a great option for athletes recovering from a previous injury, or those with some trouble with movement but who do not require a power chair or other more drastic solution.

Height Adjustment

Good folding canes are height adjustable, allowing you to set them to your height. The added benefit of having height settings is that many cane users notice their posture improves the more they walk with their cane. They don’t hunch over the way some do with other mobility aids like walkers. As your posture improves, you’ll stand more upright and adjust the cane to make it taller. The HurryCane┬« was recently redesigned to give you more height settings so you’re sure to find the height that’s right for you.

Better Dexterity

A folding cane is only around when you need it, and when in use can offer you the balance and surety you need to perform your daily tasks without it being in your way. This can be very freeing, especially for those who have used a walker or other less malleable tool or mobility aid in the past.

Whether youΓÇÖre looking for an aid to support recovery from an injury, or if you think you may need a long-term walking and mobility companion, folding canes are second to none in accessibility, cost-effectiveness, and ease of use. To take advantage of the HurryCane’s┬« folding model, be sure to get the HurryCane┬« Freedom EditionΓäó. Keep in mind, if you pick one up today, you can get our best deal ever!

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