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5 Unforgettable Travel Destinations Made Better with a Walking Cane

World travel is something we all crave, regardless of age or capability. And making the decision to choose a walking cane as your travel companion can open up your list of easily accessible dream vacations dramatically! If you dream of walking the streets of London, or taking in the sights at the Louvre, but dread tackling the issue of mobility, choosing to get a great cane could be the solution youΓÇÖve been looking for.

Consider some of these destinations, favorites of ours that are made much more viable with the addition of your walking cane.

The Louvre – Paris, France

One of the worldΓÇÖs most famous museums of art throughout the ages, The Louvre is a gorgeous destination that everyone should have the chance to experience in their lifetime. Walking the halls may seem daunting if you harbor an injury or disability, but with the assistance of a cane, this issue can be mitigated greatly!

As an added bonus, The Louvre is one of the world’s most handicapped accessible destinations for travel and visitation.┬áThe museum┬áboasts more than┬á20 elevators and easily as many chair lifts, ensuring you have no trouble navigating.

The Great Wall – Beijing, China

One of the greatest wonders of our world, this wall is 13,000+ miles long and is an absolute necessity as a vacation destination (And no, you don’t have to walk across the entire thing!). The Great Wall, once used to divide China from the Mongols, is now a breathtaking hot spot for vacationers. The structure was built over centuries, and the culturally rich land of China can be felt in every inch of the wall.

This location could be quite the challenge for those with walking needs, but with the aid of a cane, youΓÇÖll be tackling the greatest structure in China with ease.

The Buddhist Temples – Mount Koya, Japan

The center of one of Japan’s most venerable spiritual sites, Koyasan has a lot to offer, including ancient forests, pagodas and temples that once housed the Shingon Buddhist sect. Tranquil and gorgeous are two words that don’t even begin to describe Koyasan. The terrain of this culturally rich destination may seem insurmountable, but it certainly isn’t impossible. And the sights, sounds and food are all so worth the effort!

Hanauma Bay – Honolulu, Hawaii

As far as beach destinations go, Hanauma has them all topped. Crystal clear blue water encased in a marine-life-rich bay, the sands are soft, warm and nearly alabaster. Guided tours can take you on gorgeous trails near the bay or across the beach itself to view some of the greater sights. Sea turtles, coral heads and a huge presence of tropical fish make this a trip that is guaranteed to be unforgettable. You might even work up the nerve for a little guide-aided snorkeling.

Is walking taking its wear on you? Hanauma offers beach-capable chairs for those with impairments, ensuring fatigue doesnΓÇÖt take you out of the fun.

Congaree National Park – Gadsden, South Carolina

If you fancy keeping your adventures stateside this year, Congaree might be just perfect for you. The two-and-a-half mile boardwalk through an old growth hardwood forest offers an amazing view of the park from relative comfort, and gains you access to the view available at Weston Lake. There are park ranger guided tours available, public buildings and a rustic campsite, letting you live out some relaxing “simple living” for your vacation.

Canoeing is a popular pastime on Congaree, and there are more than 25 miles of hiking trail to conquer!

Go Anywhere Again with Your Walking Cane

Canes provide more than just the ability to get around in our day-to-day lives. They make impossible ventures into valid options, opening your world back up to possibilities you may have thought you no longer had the ability to access. Take advantage of the benefits your cane affords, and treat yourself and your loved ones to an unforgettable vacation trip this year, and every year in the future.

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