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7 Ways to Screw Up Your Back

We donΓÇÖt often take our mobility into consideration until it becomes compromised. Injuries, whether caused by an accident, condition or mistreatment, can have a dramatic impact on your mobility and range of movement. And no part of the human body is more prone than the muscles and bones that make up your back. WeΓÇÖve made this list in hopes of raising awareness, thus lessening your personal pain and hardship in the future. Consider these common causes of long- or short-term injury to your back.

Casual Sports Injury

We can’t all be a professional athlete, but many of us act like we are during those impromptu tag football games. Athletes train hard to handle the stress of the strenuous physical activity they put their body through. Without that training to lay a foundation, you put your body at serious risk of temporary or even permanent back injury.


Familiar with those “must be able to lift x” disclaimers on some job applications? Employers are wary of that for a reason. Improper lifting techniques, and a body that cannot handle the load it is attempting to shoulder, are extremely common reasons for back injury.

Pride and foolhardiness go hand in hand very well, so please keep in mind your capabilities and limits when considering taking on too large of a load.


Posture plays a huge role in your mobility, and a minor slouch can create much bigger problems over even a short period of time. Maintaining a proper posture creates an ergonomically sound work and home environment for your back, and prevents or even improves injuries. Poor posture can impact more than just your back, as well. It can lead to chronic pain in your feet, back and hips, as well as cause frequent headaches and fatigue.

Static Activity

Activities that do not exercise your mobility, such as sitting at a desk or on a couch, can have a shockingly dramatic impact on your backΓÇÖs health. The human body was made to promote motion, and our physicality rails at a lack of movement.

Stiff joints, back pain and permanent back injuries are all the product of a lack of activity. To avoid this, maintain a schedule that keeps you moving. If you hold a desk job, take a few minutes to stand or walk around your space every half an hour or so.

Recurring Injuries

Those who ignore injuries that continue to show up can earn much bigger problems over time. Often patients who experience back strain, sprains or herniated disks are doing something in particular that facilitates the injury. Be aware of your activities and take note of things that cause you discomfort. Short-term discomfort can compound, and over time can evolve into a serious back problem.

Neglecting Recovery

No one likes having their mobility compromised. It can be very easy to think “I feel okay enough” and attempt to resume normal activity before your body is ready. Please, never, ever be guilty of this. When recovery is slated to take weeks, it will take weeks. When it is slated to take months, it will take months. Individuals who overwork an injured back will only incur further (and most times greater) injury. Recovery is paramount to your future health and should be observed properly.

Ignoring Warning Signs

Going to your medical care provider is a real pain. It takes time, and it takes money. But it also only takes not addressing an issue once to end up with a serious back issue. Generally, minor back pain or discomfort should abate within a day or two, maybe with the aid of a pain reliever. Strong or extreme pain should be handled by a medical professional immediately, and minor pain that persists for more than a day or two should be handled medically as well. Better to find that it was nothing than to leave it alone and chance really screwing up your back.

Never Compromise On Your Mobility

No matter what it takes, whether it be a little more caution, a change in your activities or posture, or even the use of walking aids such as a cane or folding cane, always make it the top priority to take care of your body. Knowledge and understanding of your own body are always key. Know your limits, know your strengths, and always put your personal health first.

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