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Afraid of falling? Why a walking cane may be right for you.

Falls are┬áhazardous for anyone, but┬áexperts warn that falling is disastrous for the┬áelderly. Every year in the US, nearly half of┬ápeople over 65 suffer a fall. This can be devastating–in 2012, nearly 735,000┬áwere hospitalized from falls and┬á24,000 died.┬áWalking canes provide instant independence and stability if youΓÇÖre recovering from an illness┬áor leg injury, or dealing with a chronic condition┬álike┬áosteoarthritis┬áthat┬áweakens you or affects your sense of balance. A cane can help you confidently accomplish essential daily tasks and stay connected with friends and┬áfamily on your own terms.

Maintain Your Independence with a Walking Cane

If you, like most people, would rather not rely upon others to help you move about, a┬áwalking cane┬ágives┬áyou freedom to come and go as you please–safely. Walking canes can open up new opportunities, making daily living easier and more fun. If you havenΓÇÖt┬átried using one before, you’ll soon find that a┬áwalking cane can transform your life. It takes just a short time to acclimate to using your particular cane, and soon youΓÇÖll be freely mobile on a variety of terrains. (All SUV ads say this, but it’s also true of a sturdy walking cane.)┬áGood overall health requires socializing (for good mental health) and┬áexercising┬á(the prescription┬áfor┬ástaying strong and preventing falls). Something as simple as a walking cane can help┬áyou accomplish just that.

Choosing the Best Cane for You: The Right Type and Size Makes All the Difference

If you’re a veteran cane user, you know that when you choose a cane that fits your needs and body size, it quickly expands your world, whether you have a temporary or permanent disability.

Modern Walking Canes: Advantages and Features

Canes,┬átried-and-true mobility aids, have┬áalso been evolving. New custom features┬áhave made walking canes┬ábetter┬áthan ever before. A cane with a┬ápivoting base┬áhelps today’s best┬ácanes keep firm contact with the ground, even when you’re┬ábending down to retrieve something. Folding canes offer convenience.┬áAlthough┬áwalking canes provide you with a certain style–and offer an instant conversation piece at your side, folding canes allow you to┬ábe discreet, slipping┬áout of sight easily. Folding models┬áare┬áalso perfect for traveling in your car, on public transport, or┬áa flight.

Don’t hesitate to try one, because walking canes offer┬ásimple, effective and safe┬áoptions for anyone who wants┬ámore freedom and greater mobility.

The Cane that Stands AloneΓäó

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