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3 Common Cane Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

When used properly, a walking cane is a ticket to freedom and mobility. However, there are three common mistakes that can make using a cane far less effective and even dangerous. Don’t take another step with your cane until you read this! 1. Walking with the Cane on Your Weak Side Actually, you place it

5 Reasons Why A Folding Cane Works

There are loads of mobility aids these days, from walkers to canes or even a mobility chair. So where do folding canes fit in the mix? In what way can a folding cane offer you superior solutions to your mobility needs? Everyone’s needs are different, but here are a few remarkable things that folding canes

5 Little Known (But Easy) Ways to Stay in Shape

Staying in shape helps everyone, including people with mobility issues, reap important physical and mental benefits. It can help you build strength and stamina, prevent loss of bone mass, improve your balance and heart health, and relieve stress. Staying in shape also helps reduce depression, prevent memory loss, and may even slow the progression of

3 signs your dad needs a cane.

Walking canes can be a great benefit to older adults who are starting to lose strength and balance, but sometimes, especially when dealing with a father, getting your parent to admit to the need for a cane is challenging. Here are some signs to watch for that may indicate it’s time to start the conversation

Is a heart rate monitor right for you?

In this day and age, getting older doesn’t mean what it used to given the many medical advancements and increased knowledge of how to take care of your body. Fading eyesight and weakening leg muscles can be augmented by therapy and walking canes, while you start a physical therapy program to get back to full strength.

A cane that defies gravity?

Walking sticks have been used to improve stability at least as far back as Biblical times and probably long before then. As time has passed, the design of walking sticks has changed in both form and materials. At one time, walking sticks were made of cane, which is where the nomenclature originally derived from. Now,

The Shocking Truth About Folding Canes

When shopping for canes, many people choose one that folds.┬áFolding canes typically either telescope or fold to take up less room. This can make a┬áfolding cane very convenient for travel when the cane needs to fit in luggage, a glovebox, a purse, or across someone’s lap. But┬ámany buyers don’t know that a poorly constructed┬áfolding cane