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7 Ways to Screw Up Your Back

We donΓÇÖt often take our mobility into consideration until it becomes compromised. Injuries, whether caused by an accident, condition or mistreatment, can have a dramatic impact on your mobility and range of movement. And no part of the human body is more prone than the muscles and bones that make up your back. WeΓÇÖve made

The Secret to Staying Motivated

If you’re like most people, some days you wake up raring to go, and other days it’s hard to get motivated to do anything.  However, that doesn’t mean you have to sit back and ride out your lack of motivation. Luckily, you can learn the secrets of staying motivated and apply them to your life

5 Exhilarating Ways To Sharpen Your Brain

Everything you say, think, and do first starts as activity in your brain. Many studies have shown that keeping your brain healthy and sharp can result in improved sleep quality, memory, energy, mood, and even activity level. Furthermore, keeping your brain sharp can decrease depression, anxiety and stress, along with lowering your risk of developing

Feet Hurt? 5 Mistakes That Punish Your Feet

Your feet are the foundation of your body. They support you, transport you, keep you balanced, and affect the rest of your body from your ankles up. The health of your feet has a big impact on your overall mobility, and you may be damaging them without even realizing it. Here are five common things

Warning: 3 Signs You’re Having a Stroke

As a person ages, his or her risk of having a stroke becomes much greater. In fact, after 55 years of age, your chance of having a stroke nearly doubles each decade of your life. While this might be scary, if you know the signs of having a stroke, you can quickly seek help, which increases the chance

5 Ways to Reduce Your Risk of Falling

Among older adults, accidental falls are the leading cause of injury, according to the CDC. Emergency room reports show that injuries related to falls include lacerations, hip fractures and head trauma. In fact, the most common cause of head trauma among all age groups is accidental falls. You can reduce your risk of falling with

Mom refuses to use a cane? Try this.

ItΓÇÖs never easy to see age take a physical toll on a parent or loved one. Oftentimes, physical and mental aids are met with resistanceΓÇöusually stemming from fear or denial of oneΓÇÖs current state of well-being. This is especially true when being faced with using a walking cane for the first time. Perhaps Mom has

Afraid of falling? Why a walking cane may be right for you.

Falls are┬áhazardous for anyone, but┬áexperts warn that falling is disastrous for the┬áelderly. Every year in the US, nearly half of┬ápeople over 65 suffer a fall. This can be devastating–in 2012, nearly 735,000┬áwere hospitalized from falls and┬á24,000 died.┬áWalking canes provide instant independence and stability if youΓÇÖre recovering from an illness┬áor leg injury, or dealing with a