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Walking for a Cause

You’ve probably heard of Relay for Life. Over the past few decades, walking to raise funds for charities—especially health-related charities—has become extremely popular, and the American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life is one of the most visible charity walks there is. It’s far from the only one, however. While cancer gets the bulk of public

Balance problems? 3 causes that may surprise you.

An estimated 15% of Americans have a balance or dizziness problem, and the disorders that cause them are predominantly found in the elderly. Not only is the vertigo associated with these conditions a nuisance, but the falls that can happen as a result can cause serious injuries that can dramatically hinder your mobility. For these reasons, it

7 Walks That Made History

Throughout history, both organized and spontaneous walks have made headlines. A walk can become symbolic of a cause, entertain thousands, or even change the world. The impact from a historic walk remains long after the footprints have disappeared. Here are seven walks that made history over the past 100 years. The Moon Walk On July 20, 1969, at 10:39

How To Use a Cane

The inability to move around like you used to can be very frustrating. Using a cane not only helps improve mobility and balance, it restores some independence. So to make sure you keep moving and stay safely on your feet, here are some tips on how to use your cane properly. Choose the right height

Activities for Active Seniors

When you picture senior living, you may envision sitting in a rocking chair on the porch, watching the world pass you by. However, today’s seniors are far more active and vibrant than previous generations and are more able to pursue their interests well into their 70s, 80s, and 90s. There are many activities that active

The Secret To Having More Energy

Limitations to your mobility caused by aging or injury can make it harder to move around like you used to. What frequently happens over time is that you start making changes to your day-to-day routine where you don’t have to move as much. For example, instead of getting up from your chair and retrieving an

Super Foods For Better Mobility

Whether you have a long-term medical condition or short-term pain in your joints, one goal is better mobility. Joint mobility is the degree in which two bones meet and move before becoming restricted by surrounding elements like tendons, ligaments and muscles. In medical terms, this is called articulation. Joint stability is the ability of joints to move

Exercises for Seniors in Wheelchairs

If you are age 65 or older and use a wheelchair, exercise may not be as front of mind as it used to be. As people age, there is a tendency to become more sedentary, which can affect the muscles and joint flexibility of seniors putting them at risk for falls and injury. With mobility, it is a choice

Knee Surgery: What You Need to Know.

What is the largest joint in the body? The knee. It is also the most complex joint in the body because it connects the thigh with the leg and supports the weight of the body. Unfortunately, this complexity makes the knee susceptible to numerous medical conditions and injuries. If you’ve suffered a knee injury or

Hip Replacement: Improving Mobility

If you’ve decided to have hip replacement surgery, you’ve probably suffered with pain and mobility issues. The surgery is often performed on patients who have osteoarthritis of the hip joint, but also for other reasons such as rheumatoid arthritis or an injury. It’s a very common procedure, with about 332,000 hip replacement surgeries being performed