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Buying a cane for someone else?
What you need to know.

You may not have realized it, but buying a cane is a very personal decision. A cane becomes an extension of the user’s body – thus size, style, fit and comfort are all essential to the (dare we say) “relationship” that develops between user and cane.

From a folding cane to one that pivots for more flexibility, there is an unbelievable array of cane styles on the market.

Tips For Buying a Folding Cane for Someone Else

The more you learn and know about buying a cane, the more satisfied its recipient will be – and the more likely he or she will be to use it.

  • Consider the person’s lifestyle. There is a cane for every personality and lifestyle, and both of these need to be considered before purchasing one. How active is the adult? What types of terrain does she navigate throughout the day? What speed does she travel at a normal pace? Does she enjoy moving a bit faster from time to time? How often does she get in and out of a car? Answers to these questions will help you find a cane that offers the right features for her lifestyle.
  • Height adjustment. Even if you know the exact height of the individual, you don’t know which cane length will be the most comfortable for him. Therefore, it’s a good idea to seek canes that come with adjustable heights so the owner can determine which height is right for him. Also, active adults may adjust the cane’s height throughout the day, depending on whether they are walking at the mall, on a dirt path or working in the garden.
  • Consider convenience. A folding cane is essential for those who move from place to place, in and out of cars, move from seated to standing, etc., so they can be easily tucked away. All-terrain canes are as stable on a dirt path as they are on a concrete sidewalk. Pivot functions provide stability, even at an angle, such as moving in and out of a car, or from seated to standing. Look for features that prioritize convenience.
  • A comfortable handle. The wrong handle can cause bruising, blistering or tenderness on the pressure points in the hand. Comfort fit and cushioned handles will protect hands and wrist joints from discomfort.

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