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5 things you never knew about canes.

Whether you see a cane as a necessary part of life or a thing of beauty, canes have a long, rich history. Walking canes, also called walking sticks, have been a part of the human culture as far back as human history goes. Here are five interesting facts you may not have previously known about the cane.

  1. Hidden compartments ΓÇô Many canes were used to hide valuable or practical items. They have held perfume, money, precious stones, and in the case of the French military ΓÇô doctorΓÇÖs supplies such as a lancet, gauze, and glass vials.
  2. Gadgets ΓÇô One class of cane is described this way because of the dual purpose it serves. Not only could a gadget cane be used to help with mobility, it would also have some other function, such as housing a weapon like a dagger or sword, a compass, or even a billiard cue!
  3. Fit for kings ΓÇô In many cultures, canes and scepters have often been seen as signs of wealth, prestige and even royalty. King TutankhamunΓÇÖs tomb housed 130 walking sticks, and a depiction of the king and his queen on a small box also found within the tomb showed him leaning on a cane.
  4. Collectible ΓÇô There is a rather large collectible market for antique walking sticks, from auctions to the annual Canemania International Cane CollectorΓÇÖs Conference. When a cane is very unusual or has a proven history, it can fetch a handsome price, just as the cane which once belonged to the magician known as ΓÇ£Cardini,ΓÇ¥ Richard Valentine Pitchford, did in 2013, selling for $11,000 at Potter & Potter Auctions.
  5. A diverse community ΓÇô Although some see using a cane as just part of their daily life, there is a rich community of cane-lovers online and across the world, holding meetings in clubs and sharing online discussions. Joining in can be a great way to share your love of the cane with like-minded individuals.

Throughout history, canes have been used to help the able-bodied and the infirm as status symbols and storage compartments the world over.


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