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Choose the right shoes for your daily walk

You’re fit and healthy, and prefer to stay that way. Running or jogging might be a little too much–at least right now–but you’ve made up your mind to start walking on a regular basis. You love the outdoors, and a friend has invited you to check out some local trails, but you plan on taking daily walks around the block, as well. Contemplating these decisions, you realize you don’t have the proper shoes.

Shoes Make a Difference

So, what is a good choice in walking shoes? Ideally you want a shoe that provides support and stability, much like a tennis or running shoe like these examples from Brooks. A good walking shoe will feature a full back, arch support, and a cushioned insole. The AGA says running shoes are perfect for walking, as they incorporate all the features you want. The article also makes recommendations for choosing the right shoes.You may not appreciate the looks or styles–though there are myriad selections–but your feet, knees, and legs will love them, especially if you walk with a cane. These shoes were made with moving in mind, and are designed to make walking any distance pleasurable, as they eliminate a large amount of stress and muscle fatigue. On the other hand, shoes lacking arch support or sporting open backs, will actually cause fatigue and higher levels of pain when worn for lengthy walks.

Trails vs. Sidewalks

If you’ve chosen a running-style shoe for walks in the city, that same pair of shoes is perfect for most trails. Many walking trails double as bike trails and are not only well-worn and fairly smooth, but also feature long, paved stretches. Unless you’re hiking in the mountains, your tennis shoes will be ideal. But some trails turn out to be a bit longer than expected–carry a light backpack, fanny pack, or shoulder bag for storing things like a cell phone, water, and folding cane, in case you overdo it. TrailLink is a great source for advice and includes a list of walking trails across the U.S.

Now that you’ve got the right shoes, get going. The great outdoors awaits you. Take that walk today!

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