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Collapsible Walking Cane Options

More than 4.8 million Americans use a cane for mobility assistance. A cane can help remove weight from an injured or weak leg, improve balance, and increase independence. Collapsible canes are a great option for people who want a convenient, portable cane that can go anywhere.

Collapsible canes, like the HurryCane® Freedom EditionTM, fold for easy storage and portability. These handy canes can be folded out of the way in restaurants, theaters, and homes, so they are not a tripping hazard for others.  Most models measure between 8 and 13 inches when folded. They are often lighter than traditional canes, while still providing strength and support. Their small folded size and lightweight design make collapsible canes ideal for people who may not need a cane full-time, but wish to carry one in their purse or briefcase for assistance when needed. Collapsible canes are easy to store, so you can keep a spare cane in the glove compartment, for example. As many HurryCane® reviews attest, having a spare cane in the car can be a lifesaver, ensuring you are never without the mobility support you require.

Like other canes, there are a variety of options to choose from when shopping for a collapsible cane. Handle style, material, color, and tip style can all be chosen to suit your personal preference. You should make sure to purchase a cane that is comfortable to grip, and provides adequate support for your mobility needs. Stronger materials will support more weight but may be heavier to use, while a wider base will provide increased balance. You should also make sure that your cane unfolds nicely and secures itself into position, but is still easy to fold up for storage. You will also want to ensure that the folded size will fit in your bag or glove compartment for portability.

HurryCane®, the top-selling cane in America, is a collapsible cane that fits in your purse, briefcase, or glove compartment. According to HurryCane® reviews, the HurryCane® is both lightweight and strong, providing support for a wide variety of mobility needs on all types of terrain. It folds easily and unfolds automatically. HurryCane® users love its unique feature of standing up on its own, eliminating embarrassing and inconvenient incidents of the cane falling to the floor.

Collapsible canes, like the HurryCane®, make it easy to take your cane with you wherever you go, providing you support and balance to live an independent lifestyle.

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