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Don’t Buy Another Cane Until You Read This

A recent study in the Journal of American Geriatrics Society has found that among the one-quarter of Americans who use mobility devices such as wheelchairs, canes, and walkers, those using canes had a much greater fear of falling than other users. This fear is cited despite the fact that users of old fashioned canes fall at the same rates as those using other mobility devices.

Scared of falling?

Researchers noted that this fear of falling may be due to the difficulty of patients trying to stabilize themselves using a traditional cane. Walkers offer their users a large and stable base, yet users still fall at the same rate as those who use walking canes. Why? Because walker users use their device as a crutch rather than an aide. They rely less on their muscles and more on the stability of the device. Canes allow users the ability to continue using their muscles and maintaining their independence while providing that added bit of support. Still, if you’re living in fear of falling, why not just use a walker?

Fear no more

Before buying another cane or switching to a “safer” mobility device, look to the HurryCane┬« to provide better stability and decrease those falling fears. Unlike other canes, the HurryCane┬« provides a large base of support that’s as useful on laminate floors as it is on rough terrain. The pivoting head replicates the joints of the body to allow users to gain traction, even on inclines.

You don’t need a walker and two tennis balls to get back your confidence. The HurryCane┬« is a discreet yet rugged compromise that offers stability and independence. If you’re ready to take back your mobility, pick up a HurryCane┬« today to get our best deal ever.

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