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Feeling Trapped at Home? 5 Ways Mobility Aids Can Restore Your Freedom

Whatever the reason for the reduced mobility you may experience, whether it be injury or the advancement of age, you should not have to expect a lifetime of confinement or immobility. There is a wide variety of mobility aids available on the market these days to assist you with moving about or simple tasks like standing up and sitting down.

Transfer Bench

The transfer bench is a basic seat that straddles your home bathtub so you can enter and exit while seated without the fear of falling because you hooked a leg on the edge of your tub. Most of these seats come with a rolling seat, so you don’t have to scoot your way into the bathing area.

Car Handle

This transition helper comes with several names like Handybar® and Stander Metro Car Handle. It is a very simple device to use and greatly assists the user when entering and exiting an automobile. Shaped like a bent hook with a large grip, it acts as a fulcrum once inserted into the latch mechanism as you leverage it to push yourself up or stabilize yourself while you sit.

Lift-Chair Recliners

Whether you are suffering from severely arthritic knees or are recovering from injuries, this chair performs wonders to reduce the strain on your lower extremity joints.

Lift-Chair recliners are a variation of the old, comfortable standby recliner chair with a twist. Every bit as comfortable as your recliner, it comes with a wired remote to control a built-in lift assist that aids the user in sitting or standing up.


Of course, there is the cane. This old standby of mobility aids is centuries old and has appeared in many variations over time. Some are fancy while others are simple.

The most remarkable recent entry into the cane market is the HurryCane┬« Freedom EditionΓäó. It features the ability to fold up as well as stand upright. The base comes with a pivoting head and a tri-pod base to give you better stability at any angle. It’s now the #1 selling cane in America, on TV, and on the internet. If you’d like to try the cane that’s taking the nation by storm, pick one up today to get our best deal ever.

A Combination of Mobility Aids

The availability of portable ramps, stair lifts in your home, and even devices that deliver a wheelchair from the trunk of your car directly to your car door are becoming part of a rapidly growing market for mobility aids. You may find a combination of aids to be the best way to navigate day-to-day life.

No matter what mobility aids you use, keep in mind that you always want to strive to keep moving. The ultimate goal is to be able to move confidently without assistance, so incorporating movement and strength training into your recovery will help you gradually graduate into less-intensive mobility aids.

With life expectancy growing and shortened hospital stays after surgery, it’s crucial that we take steps to maintain mobility so we may enjoy life to the fullest.

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