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Folding Canes for Women

Restrictions in mobility can have a powerful impact on a woman’s physical health as well as her emotional well-being. If you are an active woman who has suffered a stroke, experienced knee or hip replacements, have balance issues, or have discovered reductions in your mobility due to other injuries, diseases and conditions, you can find yourself confined to a wheelchair. Getting out of that wheelchair and walking is an essential part of your recovery and can help you return to your active, healthy lifestyle.

Transitioning from a wheelchair to walking can be extremely daunting. Since the loss of balance and stability is common, you may start to feel that walking normally again is an impossible task. Additionally, the stigma that is often associated with being dependent on a cane and the hassle of lugging a traditional cane around all of the time can be discouraging for some women.

Many women are turning to folding canes as the perfect solution during this difficult transition. A folding cane can be an excellent, much less restrictive assistive device for women who are feeling trapped by their lack of mobility. A folding cane offers the same sturdiness that is found with a high-quality, traditional cane, so you can rest assured that your safety and confidence will not be compromised as you return to your daily activities or embark on new adventures. The convenience of being able to quickly fold your cane and store it in its compact carrying case is an added asset as well.

What You Need to Know About Folding Canes

There is a wide variety of folding canes available to consumers. If you are considering purchasing a folding cane, there are a few things you should know:

  • Adjustable Height: It is vital that you select a cane that is the correct size in order to maximize your stability as you become more mobile.┬áLook for canes that offer height adjustment for best results.
  • Base:┬áCanes with a wider, pivoting base can provide increased stability on various types of terrain.
  • Handle:┬áYour cane should offer a comfortable handle that is easy for you┬áto grip.
  • Design:┬áYour folding cane should be light, sturdy, and easy to fold. Search for canes that are constructed from aluminum┬áalloy for optimal performance, and be certain to evaluate the methods required to fold or unfold the canes you are considering.


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