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Healthy snacks for boosting your daily walk.

Many seniors look forward to the routine of a daily walk with their folding cane. It’s the perfect opportunity to go outside, enjoy some fresh air, get your body moving, and let the sun shine on your face. You can make your walk even more enjoyable by eating a delicious snack before you go or packing it to take along.

Some of our favorite healthy snacks for boosting your daily walk include:

  • Fresh fruit: Packing a small container of apple slices, grapes, or bananas is ideal for your daily walk. Mixed berries sprinkled with a bit of sugar and cinnamon make a sweet snack that really hits the spot.
  • Cut vegetables: Peeling and cutting carrots, cucumbers, and peppers makes the vegetables convenient and available for your daily walks. You can also take along a small container of hummus to use as a dip.
  • Hard-boiled eggs and cheese: Both hard-boiled eggs and cheese are excellent sources of protein. These bite size snacks go together well or can be enjoyed on their own.
  • Granola bars: There is a wide selection of granola bars available at your local grocery store. You can choose between soft, chewy, and crunchy varieties in many different delicious flavors.
  • Popcorn: If you make air popped popcorn at other times of the day, it is simple to set some aside for your next walk. A dash of salt or cinnamon brings out the popcorn flavor and helps create the perfect snack.

If you choose to take your snacks with you, it may be difficult to carry everything while using your folding cane. There are several different ways to make sure you are able to head out with your healthy snacks. Some people wear a small backpack with an included hydration reservoir. This pack allows you to bring along water as well as your snacks. Other walkers wear a fanny pack that has plenty of room for snacks and doesn’t interfere with a folding cane. The most important thing is to make sure your hands are free and you are able to walk safely.

Planning your snacks before you set out on your walk helps ensure you won’t be hungry or become overly tired. Take the time to ensure you have everything you need before you go including comfortable shoes, your folding cane, and a bag packed with healthy snacks. Your daily walk has never felt so good.

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