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How to Choose the Right Walking Cane

If mobility and stability issues are making it more difficult to get around, a walking cane may provide the perfect solution. For those who live an independent lifestyle and just need a little help once in a while, a walking cane is a great alternative to bulky walkers or scooters. When choosing the right walking cane for your needs, there are a few factors you should take into consideration:


Many walking canes on the market feature a single point of contact. There is only a small diameter of surface area that actually touches the ground. While this may be enough for some, other options offer a wider base and additional contact points for extra stability. The HurryCane┬« is one such option that was designed for maximum stability and all-terrain travel. According to HurryCane┬« reviews, customers appreciate not only the extra stability, but also the fact that the cane can stand on its own. You can leave it in place and not have to worry about hanging it somewhere or hooking it over your arm when not in use.


A walking cane is supposed to make it easier for you to travel and enjoy your favorite activities, so look for a cane with extra features that make it easy to carry and store. Some models come with wrist straps, fold-up designs and carrying bags so that you can have your walking cane handy when you need it, without having to lug around a cumbersome cane.


According to HurryCane┬« reviews, this product also ranks well when it comes to finding the perfect balance between strength and lightweight design. While you don’t want a heavy walking cane, you also don’t want to have to compromise strength and durability. When you are shopping for the perfect product, look for a model that is constructed using high-quality materials that also provide a lightweight feel. 


The more time you spend using your cane, the more comfort will become a factor. A well-designed handle will provide a comfortable, ergonomic fit that will accommodate your particular grip. You may also want to consider handles made from non-slip material so that sweaty palms don’t affect your ability to get around safely. According to the Mayo Clinic, any numbness in your hand is a clear indication that you need to find a new grip.

In addition to the handle, the bottom of the cane also contributes to overall comfort. Most walking canes that have been designed for mobility purposes will feature some sort of rubber tip that will increase traction and reduce impact as you walk. HurryCane┬« models feature a wide base for even more cushioning and support.


According to HurryCane┬« reviews, the flexible head is one innovation that sets this product apart from other walking canes. Instead of a rigid design, the HurryCane┬« comes with a pivoting head for a more versatile design that can handle a variety of surfaces. If you are an avid walker, be sure to look for a design that can handle indoor and outdoor terrain.


Make sure that you purchase a highly adjustable cane that can be custom-fit to your height. There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to canes. Choose a model that can quickly and easily be raised or lowered to accommodate you. 


No one should be priced out of being able to take advantage of a walking cane that will improve their mobility and allow them to enjoy regular exercise. The right product will offer a long list of great features and will still be within your budget. Don’t overpay for a simple device.

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