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How To Use a Cane

The inability to move around like you used to can be very frustrating. Using a cane not only helps improve mobility and balance, it restores some independence. So to make sure you keep moving and stay safely on your feet, here are some tips on how to use your cane properly.

Choose the right height

To measure, wear shoes and stand up straight with your arms at your sides. The top of the cane should be level with the crease in your wrist.

Proper grip

Face your thumb toward your body and the back of your hand away from you.

Use on your strong side

The purpose of using a cane is to take weight and pressure off your weak side. Hold the cane on the opposite side of your weak leg to shift your body weight to the strong side. If you don’t have an injury and just need help with balance and stability, hold the cane in the hand you use less, leaving your dominant hand free.

How to walk

When you walk, you naturally swing your arms for balance. When using a cane, the cane swings instead of your arm. To begin walking, swing the cane in front of you and at the same time, step forward with the opposite leg so they touch the ground simultaneously. Next, move your strong leg past the cane. Repeat these motions. Be careful not to take long strides; small steps are better for maintaining balance. For your safety, look straight ahead instead of down at your feet when walking.

Use on stairs

“Up with the good, down with the bad” is a great way to remember how to handle stairs and curbs. When headed up stairs or a curb, your strong leg always goes first, followed by the cane and your weak leg simultaneously. When heading down stairs or off a curb, place the cane onto the step first then step forward with your weak leg using the cane for support, followed by your strong leg. If there’s a handrail, make sure to use it with your free hand for extra support.

You made the choice to use a cane to increase your mobility, so don’t allow a fear of falling to hold you back. Arrange your living space to make it “cane friendly” then practice at home to boost your confidence so you can enjoy a more active lifestyle.

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