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How to walk with a cane.

Canes provide a good source of mobility when you need assistance recovering from an injury or need a bit of help nursing a painful leg while getting around with ease. However, it is important to make sure you choose the right style of cane that fits your individual needs

There are three styles of  walking canes which may benefit you. They are the grip, shaft, and ferrule. Your doctor or physical therapist can help you decide which walking cane is right for your particular needs.

When walking with a cane, position it on the side that is strong and well. Then you position the hand from the good side onto the walking cane properly so it feels comfortable to you. For example, if your right leg is the weak one, you would use your cane on the left side. If the left leg was weak, you would use the cane on your right side with your right hand. 

Once your cane is positioned properly, start walking by first stepping forward on your bad leg and moving the cane forward at the same time so you are putting the weight on the cane and not on the bad leg. Then, step with your good leg and repeat these steps until you are where you need to be. Eventually as you do these steps repeatedly on a daily basis, walking with a cane this way will become natural to you. 

Now, when you are trying to walk up steps with a cane, you must place your hand onto a banister, and place the cane in your empty hand.  Next, step with your strong leg first, which will provide support to help you carefully step with your weak leg afterwards, without putting too much pressure upon it. However, when you go down the stairs, you want to step with your bad leg first and support your body weight with your arms and hands using the banisters, and step with the strong leg afterwards. This helps prevent further injury to the weak leg. 

If you still need help with learning how to use your walking cane properly, it is best to have your doctor or physical therapist physically show you how. Knowing how is important for preventing further injury or worsening an existing one. 

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