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How Walking Impacts Diabetes

With the startling prevalence of diabetes in the U.S. and the diseaseΓÇÖs many complications, itΓÇÖs no wonder that many of those afflicted are at a loss as to how to tackle the problem. ThatΓÇÖs 10 percent of America and 26 percent of its senior citizens drastically searching for a solution, according to the American Diabetes Association. Since diabetes is a multi-faceted problem, it needs a solution that works on many levels. The overwhelming answer seems to be an increase in physical activity and exercise, and the simplest form of that is walking. It is especially important for senior citizens, who suffer the most from diabetes symptoms, to stay active. If walking has become difficult, then consider using walking canes; they will give you the stability and peace of mind to venture forth for health.

Walking for Quality of Life

Even a daily walk around the block has the potential to help you keep most of the symptoms or complications with diabetes under control. However, consistent exercise is no excuse for eating poorly; a healthy diet is another important tool for combating these symptoms. If you have diabetes and begin a steady walking regimen, you may notice some of these improvements:

  • Hypoglycemia and Hypertension begin to decrease as your circulatory and respiratory systems strengthen.
  • Heart Attack and Stroke probabilities go down as your arteries regain functionality and flow.
  • Vision Impairment can be avoided and existing impairment can be mildly reversed with the improvement to your eyes’ blood vessels.
  • Depression and Anxiety become less prevalent as you exhaust your energy and boost your brainΓÇÖs production of endorphins.
  • Kidney Disease can be a byproduct of diabetes and comes with its own set of symptoms which can be greatly relieved by walking.

Physical activity is great for combating diabetes and essential for preventing it. According to the Mayo Clinic, regular exercise will improve your sensitivity to insulin, which will help regulate your blood sugar and aid in prevention. Walking is such an accessible and well-paced form of cardiovascular exercise that it should not be ignored, especially since walking canes are such a readily available tool for facilitating the activity. The benefits go way beyond curbing your diabetes symptoms as well. A walk around the block can help you organize your thoughts, strengthen your breathing and focus your resolve. Your psychological and physical well-being are at stake during diabetes, but not lost.

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