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Knee replacement facts.
What you need to know.

The knee is one of the most used ΓÇô and abused! ΓÇô joints in any human body. It endures repetitive strain while we walk, absorbs phenomenal stress when we rise or sit down, and even takes a shocking bruise or two when we fall down. With the lengthening lifespan enjoyed by many Americans, this means that the average knee joint will not last as long as required and may need to be replaced. If you find yourself in this situation, here are a few facts that you should know:

By and Large, the Surgery is Routine ΓÇô Epidural anesthesia will most likely be used. This procedure numbs the patient from the waist down and eliminates many of the complications from general anesthesia. Then a relatively small incision is made so that the affected area can be replaced. The damaged part is removed, and a specially molded metal or plastic artificial joint is implanted. Recovery takes about three months during which you will need a walking cane.

For Most Folks, It is Quite Safe ΓÇô How the three bony parts of the knee ΓÇô the tibia, the femur and the patella ΓÇô plus the surrounding cartilage, ligaments, tendons and meniscus work together is thoroughly understood. In addition, knee surgery is a minimally invasive procedure. The result is surgery that is as dependable and routine as they come. You will be asked to refrain from running, jumping and other activities that will place undue stress on the newly repaired joint.

It Can Significantly Improve the Quality of Your Life ΓÇô Unhindered mobility is a gift given freely to the young. Only when it is taken away do we realize what a gift it is. There is no reason not to explore your surgical options when it comes to knee replacement surgery. In the interim, a walking cane may be your best alternative. It can help you get into and out of a chair, take a walk around the park, and generally lead a more fulfilling life.

For more info on walking canes – for before and after your knee replacement surgery – please consider the HurryCane®. You can visit us online at or call us directly at 1.800.942.9102 with any of your questions.

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