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Mobility Aids – What you need to know.

As bodies age, they change, and you may find yourself less mobile or independent than you once were. While there is nothing wrong with needing a little help, there are things you can do to help yourself be more independent and mobile. One way you can maintain your mobility as your body changes is through the help of a mobility aid.

What is a mobility aid?

In simplest terms, a mobility aid is any device that assists with walking or other forms of mobility. The goal of a mobility aid is to increase mobility and independence for the individual using it.

There are many kinds of mobility aids available, including walkers, which provide a great deal of support, and a walking cane, for those who might need a small amount of assistance with balance.

What kind of mobility aid do I need?

Knowing what kind of mobility aid is for you is a difficult question. It depends largely on your current abilities and what, specifically, you need help with. While some people may only need a simple walking cane, others may find they need a great deal more mobility support to remain independent. The type of aid you need can also depend on why you have lost some mobility. For example, individuals with arthritis may have different needs than individuals with a degenerative muscle disease.

Who can benefit from a mobility aid?

Since there are so many kinds of aids available, anyone who needs any help maintaining independence can benefit from a mobility aid. You do not have to be wheelchair-bound to benefit from a mobility aid, nor do you have to be nearly fully independent. If you need help to be more mobile and independent, you would likely benefit from a mobility aid.

Mobility aids are helpful for anyone who wants to increase mobility and independence as they age and the capabilities of their bodies change. For information about mobility aids and finding the best one for you, contact HurryCane today.

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