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The Secret To Having More Energy

Limitations to your mobility caused by aging or injury can make it harder to move around like you used to. What frequently happens over time is that you start making changes to your day-to-day routine where you don’t have to move as much. For example, instead of getting up from your chair and retrieving an item from across the room, you ask your spouse or another person to bring it to you. Or perhaps when attending an event, you make sure to park as close as possible to the entrance, or even ask to be dropped off at the door.

The Cost of Being Sedentary

You may think moving less is saving you some discomfort, but over time, these little changes you’ve been making can zap your energy. Then it becomes a vicious cycle. You have a hard time getting around, so you don’t move, and then you don’t have the energy to move, even if you could.

If you’ve been mostly sedentary over the past few weeks or months, and you’re feeling listless and fatigued, it may be time to add more activity to your day.

More Mobility, Better Energy

You may have a difficult time believing the more you move, the more you can move, but it’s hard to argue with science. Consider this illuminating study. Researchers at the University of Georgia took 36 inactive people who suffered from fatigue and divided them into three groups. Three times a week over a six-week period, the first group performed 20 minutes of moderate-intensity exercise. The second group performed the same amount of low-intensity exercise, while the control group did not exercise at all. Then the energy levels of the participants were measured. The groups that engaged in low- and moderate-intensity exercise reported a 20 percent increase in energy compared to the control group. Researchers believe this is caused by exercise’s positive impact on the central nervous system.

A Leisurely Walk is All You Need

Has it been years since you’ve exercised? If so, you might wonder how you can possibly get back into shape. Well, there’s good news. The University of Georgia study uncovered some interesting results. The group that performed the low-intensity exercise experienced a 65 percent reduction in fatigue, while the moderate-intensity group reported just a 49 percent reduction. What this means is you don’t have to go out and run a marathon. A simple leisurely walk for twenty minutes a day can have a measurable effect on your well-being.

Help with Mobility Issues

If you’re recovering from an injury, or you suffer from osteoarthritis or some other condition that makes it hard to get around, the thought of even a simple walk might seem daunting. But a good-quality cane can take the pressure off a painful limb and help you to get around surprisingly well. Learning to walk with a cane takes some practice, but there are many videos and articles online that can teach you how to do it properly. Once you’ve mastered it, walking will become second nature, and you’ll be able to easily add it to your daily routine.

A Little More Each Day

Try to increase the number of steps each day and watch how your energy levels improve. An inexpensive tracking device or pedometer can measure how many steps you take. Once you’re comfortable with walking, you can also explore other exercises you can do with a cane to really increase your mobility. In a few weeks time, with regular exercise, you might just find you’ve unlocked the secret to more energy!

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