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One Tiny Change To Dramatically Improve Your Mobility

Whether you have had an injury, a disability, illness, or are simply aging, you may find it harder to get around. Life changes that affect mobility severely impact the quality of life of someone who is used to being independent. The good news is that you may still be able to be as independent as before. There’s one tiny change you can make today that can have a dramatic impact on your mobility.

A folding cane. Having one on hand is the perfect answer the moment you experience a decline in mobility. It’s only out when you need it, so it encourages you to be less dependent, allowing you to recover more effectively.┬áWhen you do need it, you get to enjoy premium stability on demand.

Why the Folding Cane is Crucial

According to Disabled World, of the 6.8 million Americans who use mobility assistive devices, about 6.1 million rely on canes, walkers, and crutches, rather than just wheelchairs. That’s a large group of people who can benefit from canes.  As a mobility assistive device, the folding cane has several features that make it ideal for the general public. It can be adjusted in height. It can be folded for easy storage while out and about town. Despite this, a premium folding cane like the HurryCane® Freedom Edition™ can be locked in place to support up to 350 lbs. That kind of strength can get you back on your feet and feeling stable, without the need for a scooter or a wheelchair.

Learn to Use Your Folding Cane Properly

The height of a cane is important to generate the right stability and mobility. The handle of the cane should be right at your wrist, from a standing position with the tip on the ground in front of you. Some canes, like the HurryCane®, have plenty of different sizing options, to lock in place at different heights.

If you┬áhave an injured leg, be sure to carry the cane on the strong side to support your weaker step. If you don’t have a weak or injured┬áside, put the cane in your non-dominant hand. It’ll free up your other hand for tasks.┬áYou may need a little practice to get┬áused to a cane. Try┬áwalking straight ahead, up steps, or up and down a curb.

Once you get the hang of using a cane, it can become second nature and help you reclaim the independence you might have thought you had lost for good.

For Premium Stability

There are a few key reasons why the HurryCane┬« stands alone to give you better mobility. It’s the #1 selling cane in America for a reason.┬áIt has a pivoting base with three points of contact to give you better stability at any angle. This unique design allows the HurryCane┬« to stand up by itself. A cane that can keep itself upright is better equipped to keep you upright. Pick one up today to get our best deal ever.

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