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Exercises for Seniors in Wheelchairs

If you are age 65 or older and use a wheelchair, exercise may not be as front of mind as it used to be. As people age, there is a tendency to become more sedentary, which can affect the muscles and joint flexibility of seniors putting them

Knee Surgery: What You Need to Know.

What is the largest joint in the body? The knee. It is also the most complex joint in the body because it connects the thigh with the leg and supports the weight of the body. Unfortunately, this complexity makes the knee susceptible to numerous

Hip Replacement: Improving Mobility

If you’ve decided to have hip replacement surgery, you’ve probably suffered with pain and mobility issues. The surgery is often performed on patients who have osteoarthritis of the hip joint, but also for other reasons such as rheumatoid arthritis or an injury. It’s a

Types of Walking Canes

If you’re looking for a walking cane for yourself or a loved one, the landscape has changed dramatically. As recently as just a few years ago, a stick of wood was basically your only option. Recent technological advancements have created a variety of new

Yoga for Seniors

According to Duke Integrative Medicine, seniors age 65 and older are the fastest growing sector of the U.S. population. In fact, by 2050, the senior population is expected to grow to over 80 million. Much of this growth in population is due to the increasing number of

Exercise After a Stroke

Exercise is essential for overall wellness, even after a health crisis like a stroke. But recovery from a stroke often comes with significant mobility issues, which makes the issue of getting more exercise much more complicated. If you or someone you care for is facing

The Beginner’s Guide to Senior Fitness

As a senior, you may have abandoned a more active lifestyle as you’ve gotten older. That may have lead to a few more aches and pains or health issues. Starting an exercise program can yield a wide variety of health benefits for anyone at

The #1 thing you can do to improve your mobility.

Whether you’ve recently experienced a fall, pulled a muscle in your leg, or broken a hip, or if your loved one is recovering from a stroke where the strength of one side of his/her body has now been compromised, the number one thing to

The Power of Tai Chi

The practice of Tai Chi, a Chinese martial art form, has gained popularity in recent years due to its myriad of health benefits. This low-impact exercise is suitable for all ages and abilities, even for those who require mobility aids such as wheelchairs, walkers,

The benefits of mobility aids for the aging and the injured

Mobility aids can be invaluable if aging has affected your mobility or you have been injured. From canes to walkers to wheelchairs, there are many devices available to help you. The mobility aid that’s best for you depends on your particular physical issues. If