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Collapsible Walking Cane Options

More than 4.8 million Americans use a cane for mobility assistance. A cane can help remove weight from an injured or weak leg, improve balance, and increase independence. Collapsible canes are a great option for people who want a convenient, portable cane that can

Balance Training for Seniors

It’s natural as we age that our senses sometimes lose a little bit of their sharpness. While many seniors concern themselves with loss of sight or loss of hearing, loss of balance can sometimes be the most debilitating sensory loss. Every year, one in

Loss of Balance with Age

The physical and cognitive changes that occur with aging are often exacerbated by inactivity. This can lead to muscle weakness, joint problems, and loss of balance. Many seniors may also find themselves dealing with dizziness as a result of vertigo or other types of

Folding Canes for Women

Restrictions in mobility can have a powerful impact on a woman’s physical health as well as her emotional well-being. If you are an active woman who has suffered a stroke, experienced knee or hip replacements, have balance issues, or have discovered reductions in your

Sports Injury Treatment Options

The world of sports medicine has rapidly evolved over the years, offering a variety of exceptional treatment options. Deciding what treatment is right for you is a discussion best held with your healthcare provider, but understanding what options are available to you can be

Suffering from Loss of Balance

Losing the natural ability to maintain your balance presents problems on a daily basis. Just moving around becomes a task, and walking on uneven or slippery surfaces can be dangerous. A fall could spell disaster. Where Did My Balance Go? While debilitating accidents or

Why Mom Needs a Standing Cane

Are you worried about your mother falling at home? When it comes to older adults, the home is a real danger zoneΓÇöat least when it comes to falls, slips, and other accidents. Despite being the most preventable health risk, falls are the leading cause