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Sports Injury Treatment Options

The world of sports medicine has rapidly evolved over the years, offering a variety of exceptional treatment options. Deciding what treatment is right for you is a discussion best held with your healthcare provider, but understanding what options are available to you can be important in creating a path to recovery that is the best fit for your lifestyle.

Physical Activity


The use of a physical therapist can be an exceptional and oftentimes much preferred route to recovery. The therapist will create a regimen of activities and exercises aimed at facilitating effective healing and further growth.

These types of programs are very effective in dealing with most forms of athletic injury, and serve to reduce pain, swelling and damage in the affected area. Physical therapy also aims to improve as well as alleviate, leaving the damaged muscles or tendons in better, more flexible condition than before. Fitness has an exceptional article on the benefits of physical therapy.


Similar to physical therapy, consistent exercise while injured plays a major role in recovery. Daily exercise assists in keeping the body strong, making it more capable of dealing with the rigors of rebuilding and more resistant to similar injuries in the future.

Exercise also serves to manage weight, which is another concern of athletes forced into inactivity. Excess weight can increase the stress on your body and the injury involved, making controlling any weight gain a concern in the recovery process.

Physical Aids: Casts, Canes and Braces

Casts and Braces

Some injuries carry too much damage to be put through exercise, or even general daily use. In these cases, considering the use of a physical aid may be necessary. Often breaks do not require surgery, but do necessitate full rest, and the use of a cast can be employed in lieu of medical procedures. In these cases, the cast or brace will restrict movement, allowing the injury to heal unimpeded and with minimal pain. These options are most commonly considered if physical therapy isn’t possible (though the process is often pursued after the cast or brace is removed), but surgery is unnecessary.

Walking Aids

A cane can be an invaluable asset when recuperating from injury. The use of a cane allows movement with less restriction, creating an ease of motion absent of pain and thus reducing the chance of damaging the recovering bones, joints or ligaments. A cane allows the most “natural” healing of any treatment option, allowing the athlete to resume many daily activities with a measure of normalcy as soon as possible, and is a solid reassurance against furthering injury during the recovery process.

Above All Else, Consult a Physician

The absolute number one priority when an injury occurs is to seek medical assistance. Your medical provider is likely to explore non-surgical options first and foremost, but occasionally a procedure must be implemented. In that situation,┬áit is in the patient’s best interest to undergo the treatment. Always consult your physician regarding any medical emergency, as they will assist you in following the best path to recovery.


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