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Why Mom Needs a Standing Cane

Are you worried about your mother falling at home? When it comes to older adults, the home is a real danger zone—at least when it comes to falls, slips, and other accidents. Despite being the most preventable health risk, falls are the leading cause of injuries among seniors and account for more than half of all serious injuries. What you may not realize is that many of these falls result from choosing the wrong type of cane.

If Mom is bearing weight on her cane, then a single tip cane could be more dangerous than using nothing at all. A stand-alone cane is the best option for seniors who need more than just help with their balance. This type of cane provides increased stability and more traction than single tip models.

A stand-alone cane has the added benefit of remaining upright when not in use. If Mom is having mobility issues, it’s also likely that she won’t want to bend over to pick up her cane. Since repeated bending can result in accident or injury, the standing cane offers added safety.

Many falls lead to serious injury, such as broken wrists or fractured hips. Nervousness concerning additional falls often limits our elders from enjoying life to its fullest as they begin to avoid going out or staying in touch with friends for fear of falling. If Mom is nervous about falling, a standing cane could be just the thing she needs to live a full and healthy lifestyle at any age.

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