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Suffering from loss of balance?

Balance disorders can happen to anyone, but the elderly seem to suffer from this condition the most. This is because as the body ages, the bodyΓÇÖs systems begin to slow down causing the body’s senses to perform poorly. In order for there to be balance within the body, your visual system, vestibular system, and preconception sense must all work together. 

Some of the symptoms of a balance disorder are dizziness, nausea, difficulty seeing clearly, disorientation, vomiting, diarrhea, changes in heart rate and blood pressure, behavioral changes, and difficulty walking or standing up straight. 

The cause of balance disorders can range from something serious to something minor. Serious reasons that cause suffering from loss of balance are brain tumors, stroke, heart complications, viral infections, malnourishment, cancer, a head injury, ParkinsonΓÇÿs disease, and WallenbergΓÇÿs syndrome. Minor reasons for balance complications are ear disorders or infections, low blood pressure, hormonal changes, migraine headaches, vitamin B12 deficiency, and pinched nerves along the spinal cord of the body.  However, some balance disorders can occur from environmental factors, improper medications, or over exercising the body without getting plenty of rest and nourishment into the body. 

If you feel you are suffering from a balance disorder, it is important to visit your doctor for a proper medical exam and testing so you can receive proper treatment. However, never operate a motor vehicle or any heavy machinery when experiencing any kind of balance complication. Instead, have someone help you get to a medical facility for care. 

If your doctor diagnoses you with some form of balance disorder that leaves you debilitated for some time, thankfully there are mobility aids you can use to help move around until balance occurs again.  Those mobility aids are walking canes, scooters, rolling walkers, and wheelchairs. In severe cases where mobility aids cannot be useful, lying down in a bed or sitting upright in a chair are usually the best options until your loved ones and doctors can figure out what is causing your balance disorder. 

Once the doctor figures out what is causing your balance issues, treatment begins soon after and balance begins to occur within the body again. However, this depends on your diagnosis from the doctor.  Sadly, some individuals will suffer from a balance disorder for the rest of their lives and will always need some form of a mobility aid to help them get around with ease. 

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