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The Shocking Truth About Folding Canes

When shopping for canes, many people choose one that folds.┬áFolding canes typically either telescope or fold to take up less room. This can make a┬áfolding cane very convenient for travel when the cane needs to fit in luggage, a glovebox, a purse, or across someone’s lap.

But┬ámany buyers don’t know that a poorly constructed┬áfolding cane can be dangerous.

Canes need to bear a user’s weight, so they’re constructed to be┬ásturdy. But even a high-quality, heavy-duty cane made of the best materials is┬áonly as strong as its weakest point. To make a┬áfolding cane, designers have essentially introduced one or more weak points into the cane’s design.┬áThis can be very dangerous if the designers haven’t also compensated for those weaknesses so as to not compromise the cane’s strength.

There are two┬ámain flaws in the construction of many┬áfolding canes on the market. The first type is mechanical: the locking mechanism that keeps the cane from┬áfolding during use is faulty, or it can accidentally be undone while the cane’s in use. The other kind of flaw is user error: many canes on the market have locking mechanisms that may be difficult to engage or that aren’t explained well in the cane’s documentation. A new user may not even understand that they┬áneed to engage the mechanism after unfolding or expanding the cane!

As a result, a poorly constructed folding cane runs the risk of collapsing while in use, causing falls and potentially serious injuries. There have been plenty of court cases where users have sued the makers of folding canes for damages due to faulty construction or incomplete documentation.

HurryCane┬«’s┬áfolding cane,┬áthe┬áHurryCane┬«┬áFreedom EditionΓäó, is specifically designed to avoid this problem. The Freedom Edition’sΓäó joints lock securely in place while the cane’s in use, and are constructed so they won’t release unexpectedly or otherwise fail. The HurryCane┬«┬áFreedom EditionΓäó does not rely on a locking mechanism the way some canes do. It folds out in seconds and automatically stacks properly to give you stability and security. The cane’s design is┬ásimple and intuitive, so you’ll see first-hand that it’s stable enough after it unfolds to safely bear your weight. The end result is all the convenience of a┬áfolding cane but with the added safety and stability you need.

Not all folding canes are built the same. Don’t┬ásacrifice safety for convenience!┬áTry a HurryCane┬«┬áFreedom EditionΓäó┬átoday to get our best deal ever. That way you know that your┬áfolding cane will support you when you need it most.

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