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Too Embarrassed to Walk? 7 Reasons You’ll Love a Folding Cane

Struggling with mobility can be embarrassing. No one wants to be seen feeling shaky or unstable. To make matters worse, fumbling with clunky mobility aids can make you feel like you’re surrendering your independence.

The most common reaction to mobility challenges is to slow down and move less. Unfortunately, that’ll only make matters worse. There’s considerable risk in being too inactive. It can lead to increased hospitalizations and can cause a greater reliance on medications to treat age-related medical conditions. By not moving, your muscles weaken even more. It can rapidly put you in an even more embarrassing position where you’re completely dependent on others.

You may not know this, but a folding cane may be just what you need to take back your strength and mobility. Here are seven reasons why you’ll love folding canes:

1) They Empower You to Stay Active

If you settle into a more intensive mobility aid like a walker or a wheelchair, it can be hard to recover. Many mobility aids can harm your posture, making you weaker. The more a mobility aid does the work for you, the harder it is for your muscles to get used to keeping you upright and mobile.

Folding canes are only out when you need them, so it encourages you to rely on them less. You can build muscle at any age, so if you keep at a regular fitness routine, you can gradually regain your strength and mobility and reduce (or even eliminate) your dependence on mobility aids.

2) They Don’t Make a Scene

We’ve all watched it happen: a walking stick propped up against a wall. It slowly starts sliding sideways. Before you can do anything, it comes crashing to the floor with a bang. It draws everyone’s attention. To make matters worse, picking the cane up after it’s fallen can be another embarrassing challenge.

Fortunately, folding canes make sad scenes like this a thing of the past. You get to tuck them away in a travel bag when they’re not in use.

3) They Adjust to Your Height

If you’ve ever walked with a cane that’s the wrong size, you know how uncomfortable that can be. You’re either hunched over (which hurts your posture!), or it’s too tall and puts pressure on your shoulder.

Well-designed folding canes like the HurryCane┬« can adjust in height. You’ll know your cane is the right height if it reaches your wrist when you’re standing straight up with your hands at your sides. The HurryCane┬« Freedom EditionΓäó was recently redesigned to give you more height settings, so you’re sure to find the height that’s right for you.

4) They’re Easy to Store

Old-fashioned canes are a pain largely because they’re hard to store when you’re not using them. It can be a serious nuisance when you’re in a vehicle or seated at a table at a restaurant.

The HurryCane┬« Freedom EditionΓäó was designed to fold up to one third its normal size to tuck away discreetly when you don’t need it. When you do need it, it’s out in seconds.

5) They Give You Increased Confidence and Stability On Demand

People who use folding canes enjoy a better sense of security when they walk – with or without the cane. Even when they don’t need it, simply knowing it’s nearby gives them more confidence with every step.

Some people think a folding cane isn’t as strong as a stick of wood. However, if the folding cane is well-designed, like the HurryCane┬«, that simply isn’t true. Most old-fashioned walking canes have a single point of contact on the base. The HurryCane┬« has three to give you unprecedented stability.

6) It Could Prevent a Fracture

People who need mobility assistance are often at increased risk of fracture if they fall. The National Institutes of Health recommend a cane for those who are unsteady to prevent fractures. The ability to fold it up so you can take it with you when you travel means you’re more likely to have it on hand when you need it most.

7) Improves Your Overall Health and Wellness

The stigma behind mobility issues and some mobility aids can cause some people to be reclusive. Feeling isolated is not good for your mental well-being.

A folding cane gives you stability free of embarrassment, and when you’re not embarrassed by mobility issues, it’s far easier to be social and active so you can enjoy more in life.

When you feel better, exercise becomes easier and more invigorating. Exercise is known to be effective in helping your body defend against a wide range of chronic ailments, including high blood pressure, diabetes, and arthritis. Exercise is also important in maintaining cognitive ability. It’s also well known to improve mood and personal outlook. It may surprise you to learn that exercise can even improve your brain.

If you want to try a folding cane so you can see first-hand just how life changing it can be, the HurryCane┬« Freedom EditionΓäó is the folding cane that stands alone. It’s the #1 selling cane in America. Pick one up today and get our best deal ever.

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