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Types of Walking Canes

If you’re looking for a walking cane for yourself or a loved one, the landscape has changed dramatically. As recently as just a few years ago, a stick of wood was basically your only option. Recent technological advancements have created a variety of new canes, but they’re not all created equal. Here’s a look at some of today’s most popular canes.

Offset Canes

While offset canes are a simple mobility tool for both balance and stability, that’s about where their usefulness ends. Need to reach for something and there’s nowhere to lean your cane? Your average offset cane does not have an answer for that, unless you want it tied around and precariously dangling from your wrist. The bottom is usually made with a rubber “no-slip” safe tip. However, these canes only offer a small surface area and just a single point of contact with the ground. The stiff, heavy body of an offset cane is not an ideal choice when it comes to the best all-around walking canes.

Crook Canes

The crook walking cane has semi-eliminated the issue that an offset cane cannot address ~ and that is, when reaching for something, you can hang it on your shoulder. But this still poses some problems. The crook cane doesn’t take into account the height of the person, the size of the user’s shoulder, or the inconvenience of hanging your cane on your body. This could be extremely uncomfortable for you or your loved one, or simply impossible due to the stature of some people. Above all, it still only offers one point of contact with the ground, and that could be dangerous. Since the purpose of walking canes is to give you as much stability as possible without encumbering you, the crook cane is not the best choice.

Quad Canes

A cane that has more than one point of contact with the ground, the quad cane has four separate feet for increased stability. This solves the issue of the single point of contact problem with most canes on the market today. Despite this fact, there’s still a problem. They’re bulky, cumbersome, stiff and heavy. Because they’re so large, they can’t fold up or store easily. They get in the way whenever you’re out and about. They don’t navigate well in tight spaces. While they do have more support than offset or crook canes, it comes at the price of ease of use. For you or your loved one, the added stability may not be worth the struggle it can be to use one of these walking canes.


While all canes offer some help with mobility, it’s hard to ignore the fact that some clearly stand out from the rest. Enter the HurryCane®. Inspired by the human body, this advanced walking cane has three separate, sturdy points of contact with the ground that seamlessly simulate the same way your foot would apply pressure when standing or walking. Above the cane’s three points of contact, the HurryCane® pivots to mimic the natural movement in your ankle. It’s approved for up to 350 pounds ~ 100 pounds over the standard 250-pound limit set by most other canes. The HurryCane® stands on its own, pivots, holds firm, and provides natural support the same way your leg does. The HurryCane® is easily height-adjustable and can also fold up, making it convenient to pack for travel or to store in a small space. HurryCane® reviews suggest that once you’ve tried this cane, you’ll never find yourself reaching for a better walking cane again. It provides the best all-around assistance for the user without the challenges the other canes present.

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