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Warning: 3 Signs You’re Having a Stroke

As a person ages, his or her risk of having a stroke becomes much greater. In fact, after 55 years of age, your chance of having a stroke nearly doubles each decade of your life. While this might be scary, if you know the signs of having a stroke, you can quickly seek help, which increases the chance of a full recovery. A stroke comes on suddenly, and by remembering F.A.S.T., you can easily recall and recognize three crucial warning signs that you or someone you love is having a stroke.

(F) Face Drooping

If you notice one side of your face drooping or notice numbness of your face, this is a warning sign of a stroke. If you fear you have this sign, check mobility by attempting to smile and look to see if your smile is lopsided, or ask another person if your smile is uneven.

(A) Arm Weakness

If you experience weakness or numbness in one of your arms, that is another indication of having a stroke. Check the mobility of your arms by lifting both arms up. If one of your arms drifts down towards the ground, or one arm is held higher than the other arm, this is an indication of weakness in your arm.

(S) Speech Difficulty 

Difficulty with speech, such as slurring your words or speaking unclearly,┬áis another indication of having a stroke. If you think someone is having a stroke, ask the person to repeat back an easy sentence, such as “I like to garden.”

(T) Time to Call 911

If you or someone you love┬áexhibits any of these symptoms, immediately call for emergency help. If you are alone, do not attempt to drive yourself to the hospital.┬áEven if the symptoms only lasted a short period of time, it is still crucial to seek help. It’s helpful for medical personnel to know when the┬ásymptoms first appeared, so make sure to check the time as soon as┬áyou notice any of the above three symptoms.

If you or a loved one has experienced a stroke, you may find the road to recovery involves physical therapy and mobility aids. The HurryCane┬« will always be there for you, but if you’d like to have one on hand for peace of mind, now’s a good time. We’re currently offering our best deal ever if you┬ápick one up today.

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