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What in the world is an “all-terrain cane”?

Most cane users grow accustomed to walking with a standard cane. YouΓÇÖve seen it beforeΓÇöitΓÇÖs essentially a staff made from metal or wood with a hook for a handleΓÇöand itΓÇÖs wildly inefficient. While the words ΓÇ£all terrainΓÇ¥ might conjure up images of dune buggies or extreme sports, having an all terrain cane is an absolute necessity regardless of your mobility level or your cityΓÇÖs always-sunny weather. HereΓÇÖs why:

It offers support from the ground up.

Having an all terrain cane like the HurryCane® keeps you comfortable by its very design as it’s carefully crafted to mirror the human body. Its base has three separate points of contact (as opposed to one on a traditional cane), which stabilizes you on uneven surfaces as if you were placing your own foot on the ground. It pivots to adapt to changing terrain just like your ankle. This combination gives you more stability and security, top to bottom, with every step.

It literally stands the test of time.

If you live where it snows, you understand how vulnerable it can feel to walk across slippery sidewalks—with or without the assistance of a cane. The HurryCane® is practical for its ability to grip even the most untrustworthy surfaces and pivot toward the direction in which you’re headed. If you do let go of your cane, the all terrain cane is free-standing and designed to stay upright.

The convenience and peace of mind that come from adjustable canes like the HurryCane® are truly unparalleled. It’s astounding that in this day and age of rapidly changing technology and medical advancements, the outdated cane is still so widely accepted. It may suffice for temporary users, but the truth is it’s not designed to handle a wide range of mobility levels and the varying landscapes upon which it’s used.

It can take you anywhere.

What better mold could there be for a cane than the human body itself? By using the human body as the prototype for a better cane, the cane was reinvented to create an all terrain cane that can deliver maximum performance. When you venture out with a cane you can truly trust, there’s no limit to where you can go.

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