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Why a pedometer could change the way you walk forever.

Daily exercise is important for good health, but it’s hard to commit to an exercise routine when you have mobility issues. While aerobics and weightlifting may be out of the question for some, simpler exercises like walking or swimming still provide these much-needed health benefits. To get the most out of your daily stroll, experts suggest walking at least 10,000 steps per day. Of course, the best way to ensure you’re walking enough is to invest in a pedometer.

A Daily Goal Is Important for Your Health

With all exercise routines, consistency is key. If you have mobility issues, it may be difficult to commit to 10,000 steps per day at first, but a folding cane can help. If you’re having trouble hitting 10,000, you might start lower. When it comes to exercise, doing something is always better than doing nothing at all. Once you hit 5,000 steps, just raise the goal each week until you’re doing the full 10,000 that experts recommend.

Pedometers Help You Hit Your Goal

Without a pedometer, the actual number of steps you take each day is just guesswork. You may feel like you’ve walked a lot, but you’ve really only taken 7,000 steps or so. According to a recent study by Stanford Medical School, people who use a pedometer average around 2,000 more steps per day than people who don’t.

The Benefits of Walking Are Huge

If you can commit to a walking routine, your health will benefit greatly. According to the American Heart Association, walking reduces your risk of heart disease, enhances your mental health, lowers your blood pressure, and much more.

Don’t Walk Alone

To stay on track and gain all these health benefits, you should enlist a walking partner to exercise with you, especially if you have mobility issues. A folding cane can help you walk on your own, but you should have someone with you for support, too. If you’re looking for someone to walk with, try finding a new friend at the American Heart Association’s Walking Clubs website.

Don’t let your mobility issues keep you from reaping all the benefits of exercise. If you can step with a folding cane, you can walk your way to a stronger heart and better health. And if you walk outdoors, you might get a little vitamin D in your body, too!

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