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Why Aging is Truly just a Number

Even with a walking cane, you know age is just a number. You know age does not describe how you feel or even the truth about your appearance. You know all this because you are wise at heart and become wiser with each birthday.

In fact, deep within you, there is still a child that loves to come out to play. That still loves swinging on a park swing or sliding down slides. That loves pulling pranks and telling jokes when the need to be silly arises. You still love finger painting and molding Play-Doh® into shapes and figurines because that imagination of yours still runs wild.

You still love laughing like a youngster and know even more now that laughter is the best medicine for all things that ail you in life. There are even times now, where you look back and laugh hard at all the ridiculous things that once made you cry. YouΓÇÖve learned with age that those ridiculous situations that seemed like tall mountains impossible to climb were just small hills helping you grow into the being you are today, but you also know those situations are what taught you how to be young at heart now and truly live life to the fullest making every moment count.

For all these reasons, you know more than ever that age is truly just a number. You know that even with a walking cane, you are more alive than you have ever been in your entire life. You know this because you know more ways to enhance your life to help you live young at heart besides the common ways of exercising and eating right.

You know instead, that love is the solution for helping you feel ageless. Love is the movement that keeps you energized and feeling alive. Love is the way to a happy, long life where age is just a number and not a part of who you are as a being upon this beautiful Earth.

You know now more than ever, that at any age all human beings require the essentials besides food, water, shelter and clothing to live a life of fullness. Those essentials being: love, compassion, understanding, forgiveness and selflessness. You know all this because you have been blessed with time to experience all this, and aging is just apart of time.

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